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There are wounds in devotion. There is brutality in passion, love in war, fragility in fierceness. We must fight to surrender. Come now, that we may dance together through the ensuing darkness… A WORD OF CAUTION: the following video is not for the faint of heart. It contains content that some may find disturbing. 

When Hands Forced the Tide - Bullet & Cass

An exert from chapter 12 of ‘The Lives We Died Living – The Bullet & Cass Story”. Sunset reached out with a last attempt to draw sweat from his back. Slowing his steed, Bullet eased his heal’s grip on the stirrups. Patch needed no guidance now. They had shared this journey home more times than […]

Before Peace Was Torn - Bullet & Cass

An exert from Chapter 12 of “The Lives We Died Living – The Story of Bullet & Cass”. A hot dry wind ran its fingers through the cedar leaves, carrying dust that clung to branches, bark, walls, and skin. An arid landscape bound by desperate soil, drought gripped the earth with no hesitation, squeezing moisture […]